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degen war: seagull

Join the war between SEAGULLS and CROWS

About degen war: seagull

Degen War Seagull is a war story set in lands and seas ruled by birds where humans do not live. Seagulls and crows have been living as enemies since eternity. After the agreement of the crow and the seagull king, these birds, who have not been fighting for a while and live in their own region, rekindle the wars when the warrior and mad heir, who replaces the crow king, attacks the seagulls. The war will be massive and bloody. Sworn to protect their own kingdom, the seagulls gather their armies and prepare for war. There will be only one winner in this war. The victorious side wins everything. Other races are doomed to live in their captivity.

Degen War Seagull will be available as a total of 4 NFT collections. The first collection is seagull, and the other three collections will be distributed free of charge to seagull owners. Only live baits will be sold extra very cheaply and not everyone will have to buy them.

Seagull NFT Collection: It contains 2000 seagulls live in Aptos and the mint price will be announced. Seagulls are peaceful and happy birds with the ability to fly for long periods of time. They feed in the sea and do not disturb other birds. They love to protect offspring and their territory. They can be very predatory when threatened. If they win the war, everything will be theirs and peace will come to their world.

Crow NFT Collection: It contains 2000 crows live in Aptos and they will be distributed free to Seagull NFT owners. Although Crows cannot stay in the air as long as seagulls, they are smarter and more agile. They love to fight and struggle. These birds, which are born warriors, do not like the sea very much. On land they are very wild and ruthless. They prefer to attack. If they win the war, everything will be theirs and chaos will come to their world.

Unknown Creatures: It is not clear how many they are. They live in the unknown and unexplored part of the world. It is forbidden to enter or approach their territory. They are enemies to everyone. They are the strongest warriors. They are very cruel and brave. They do not fight anyone and wait for the right time. No one has seen these mysterious birds. They're on the last stage. Their emergence may be the end for the birds.

Battle Addons: When the battles start you should use live bait to strengthen your character. Live baits are of various types, and each gives a different characteristic. Each live bait spawns in different and random strengths. One NFT can use a maximum of three live baits. Combine your armies and strengthen them using baits.

Regions: There are three regions: Sea, land, and unknown lands. Seagulls love the sea and live there. Crows love the land and live there. Nobody goes to unknown lands and does not know what is there.

Battles: The battles to be fought will be MMO-like and will depend entirely on strategy. Team play will be very important. Every NFT owner must choose a side. NFT variants can be used in both armies. Remember that not everyone can win the prize. There will be only one winner and will receive the entire prize. The prize will be shared equally among the winners. Support your team and make it win.


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